(Tattooed) Eyebrows On Fleek

Eyebrows on Fleek

And Tinted Lip Envy

As I am sure a lot of you would sympathize with me, I have always had issues with my eyebrows. It was never the perfect arched shaped I have longed for. Until I met Patsy.

Now before I introduce you to the Eyebrow Queen of the Country World, let me give you a little background of my little face framers. I am so happy I listened to my mother when I was younger and never really over plucked my eyebrows. I am also fortunate enough to never have been a victim of tadpole brows (but I did suffer a stint of monobrows). However, they were always a little too sparse. The shape was never right for my face and I always had to fill them in to look thick and proper.

Enter Patsy Kerr of Lesprit Medical Clinic in Dubai. I was asked to come in for a review of the semi permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure at the clinic. Eyebrow tattoo? oh no! At first, I declined politely as I have heard and seen horror stories of eyebrows looking like a block of black paint on the face. But after seeing my friend Morgan’s eyebrows, I was super impressed and intrigued to see how this is done. I finally decided to go in for a trial. It’s also semi permanent so if it was bad, it would eventually fade away.

The procedure began with the lovely Patsy measuring my eyebrows and determining the best shape for my face. She outlined and penciled in the perfect shape with a brow pencil and plucked any excess strands away. So far so good. After applying the numbing cream, she began filling in my brows with the tattoo needle. I will admit, it was a little painful but after seeing the result, it was well worth it.

After about an hour and a half, I was rocking the perfectly shaped eyebrows I have ever had in my life. Patsy’s feathering technique mimics hair strands so it looks very natural. At first it does look a little dark since it’s fresh but it tones down after a couple of days. It lasts for a good 10-12 months which after seeing my brows, I wish they lasted it forever.

I have honestly become a convert and do not trust anyone with my eyebrows except Patsy. She is literally my eyebrow angel! I have already gone back for a second time as my first procedure was earlier this year. I’ve never had so many compliments on my eyebrows especially when they find out its tattooed. Below are the before and after images and I think they speak for themselves.

Since my eyebrows turned out so well, I decided to try out the Long Time Liner for the lips, also done by Patsy. Basically it is a semi permanent tattoo for the lips to give them a tint. So it looks like I have a little lipstick on but it is just my lip color. Best. Thing. Ever. You can choose from a range of shades like a nude or a pink. I went for a shade a little darker and pinker than my natural color so it isn’t too intense. I am not wearing any lipstick in the picture below. I absolutely love it!

Lesprit Medical Clinic is located on Jumeirah Beach Road next to Sunset Mall. They offer everything for semi permanent makeup to dermatology treatments, botox/fillers and laser hair removal. They have also just added a dental clinic.

You can follow Patsy on her instagram account BrowsByPatsy to see more of her miracle work. Below is my snapchat recording of the whole procedure.

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