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My Top 5 In-flight Skin Essentials

There is so much happening with the LLF and in my personal life this year that it has been so hard to keep up {hence the lack of posts here. Tsk tsk, bad blogger}. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Ok, maybe just about the lack of sleep but I am so grateful for everything that has happened and all the exciting new projects that will be happening soon.

One of the many exciting things to come is all the traveling I have been doing which brings me to this post. April has to be the busiest month for me as I am literally in another timezone every weekend. This has already started taking a toll on my skin so I thought it would be fitting to discuss how I try to combat the effects of the traveling on my skin.

In my first of many YouTube videos to come, I talk about what I like to use on my skin when I fly and what helps me look semi-decent when I finally touch ground.

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1 – L’Oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil | 2 – La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel | 3 – Lancôme Le Corrector Concealer Palette | 4 – Clarins Lip Balm | 5 – La Mer Hand Cream

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