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Midi Leather at Paris Fashion Week

And finally, Paris Fashion Week has come to an end. What a whirlwind it was this season and I can not wait to head back home to my own bed and cuddle up with my cat. No more heels or make up for the next couple of weeks {ok maybe a little makeup} and lots of pampering to make up for the craziness of fashion week.

For the last day, I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy because, lets face it, I was very tired! Since I am currently leather obsessed, this Alice + Olivia skirt from Harvey Nichols Dubai, made for the perfect closing outfit. I paired it with a simple grey tee and my Rossi heels. I can stop wearing them because they are surprisingly comfortable. It is all about dressing effortlessly for me, even if it was a lot of effort putting it together.

Paris, you have been lovely but time to head home.

وأخيراً، أسبوع باريس للأزياء خلص. كان وايد متعب ومب قادرة أصبر أرد البلاد وأرد لشبريتي وألعب مع قطوتي! ماشي ميكب أب أو نعول كعوب لمدة أسبوعين {أوكي يمكن شوية ميكب أب يعني}، وبدلع عمري أكثر هالأسبوعين. حق آخر يوم بغيت ألبس شي مريح ومايتعب، لأني بكل صراحة كنت وايد تعبانة! بما إني مهووسة بالجلد فلبست تنورة من أليس + أوليفيا من هارفي نيكلز دبي، وكان متمم للرحلة هاي. لبسته مع قميص تي شيرت بسيط لونه رمادي، مع نعال كعب من روسي.  النعال وايد مريح. باريس، وايد استانست معاج لكني برجع بلادي الحينه.

Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Leather_Skirt_Chanel_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1529Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Leather_Skirt_Chanel_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1548 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Leather_Skirt_Chanel_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1557Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Leather_Skirt_Chanel_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1532Photography by Adam Lloyd Wilson

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