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The Cat Eye Sunglasses You Need

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You know, I was never really into sunnies {weird, I know!} until I tried on a pair of Cat Eye sunglasses and totally fell in love. Unfortunately, I don’t have one of those faces that can pull off any/all styles of sunglasses so thank goodness for this super popular shape.

jimmy choo cat eye sunglasses on zahra lyla khalil

 As I am sure you know, the Cat Eye shape works for practically everyone, making it a classic. What is great about this shape of sunglasses is that they give the illusion of a snatched face like, you guessed it, a cat.

These red ones from Jimmy Choo are the perfect size and shape to conceal my eye bags and dark circles making me look trendy and fabulous. I also like the fact that the red shade matches my lipstick shade!

I have rounded up a great selection of Cat Eye sunglasses from brands such as Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and ASOS.

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