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Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I thought it would be fun to start a weekly segment called Shoe Of  The Week where I highlight one of my favorite accessories, shoes! I mean, it was a no brainer cause I am always scrolling online looking for my next favorite purchase {Have you seen this one?}. Don’t worry, I will make sure to keep it diverse and fun so it can suit everyone’s taste and budget. So to start off this segment with a bang, say hello to the Dior, Walk’N’Dior sneakers!


 I am sure you have seen them all over social media. It is one of those sneakers that makes a statement yet works with almost every outfit.

The one I am wearing is the Blue Oblique Embroidered Canvas but they come in an array of ‘Dior‘ colors. I like styling mine with a simple jeans and T-shirt or even with a little flowy summer dress. Let me know how you would style these sneakers in the comments!

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