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Just A Little Ramble

Location: Nikki Beach Hotel & Resort – Dubai, UAE

I am having such a hard time thinking of the right words to use for this post. It is safe to say that I am going through the longest writer’s block and nothing is helping me to shake it off {cue that Taylor Swift song}.

As I am sure you have heard from every person you speak to, life these days is super hectic. So many things to stay on top of {damn you social media} whilst trying to juggle friends, family, and that dreaded gym session. So I should cut myself some slack, right?

To be honest, I haven’t been too strict with myself but I really need to change that. My to-do list keeps growing just as much as my napping hours and those two do not go hand-in-hand.

I have so many backlogs of posts that are just sitting in folders gathering digital dust that I really need to get my act together and get back to a regularly scheduled program. I think now that I have started to find a little more inspiration from other bloggers/YouTubers that I admire, I will have more motivation to actually get shit done.

Also, I have just signed on with a talent agency that will sure to kick me into gear which is definitely much needed. Watch this space!

What I'm Wearing

Top & Pants – Paul & Joe at Boutique 1 | Sneakers – Valentino | Sunglasses – Dior | Belt Bag – Fendi | Bracelet – Fendi

Hair & Makeup by Merve Selcuk | Photography by Rhys Imagination

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